Saturday, February 17, 2007

In Memoriam ... Dorothy M. Lesch

Dorothy Martha Lesch

Born: March 24, 1927 -- Died: January 31, 2007

Wife of Irving Robert Lesch and Daughter to Christian and Selma Proehle. Mother of Christine Gail Lesch-Quinn and Lee Robert Lesch. Grandmother to 8 grandchildren.

The following tribute (by her daughter Christine) was originally sent by email to friends and family on Wednesday, 31 Jan 2007 at 11:35 PM

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My love to all of you,

My mother, Dorothy M. Lesch, gave up her battle with her physical self last night. Certainly, everyone who knew her is missing her, but there are beautiful parts to her passing that I want to share with you ...

Last Sunday, my Mom was admitted to the hospital's Critical Care Unit because of Pneumonia and conjunctive heart failure. Obviously, they were concerned because in addition to the current difficulties, a few years ago, after having a stroke, she lost her vision to Macular Degeneration (the wet kind), as well as suffering from diabetes and multiple other physical challenges.

Nevertheless, by Wednesday morning, they felt she had improved significantly enough to be moved out of the Critical Care Unit, and onto the fourth floor. We were beginning to feel relieved.

However, also on Wednesday morning, my father (Irving) was having such difficulty breathing that they admitted him for testing for possible pneumonia. After a bit of finagling by a social worker, they decided to put him into the other bed in Mom's room.

Then, at approximately 1:00 AM on Wednesday, Mom's heart rate began to slow. Because he was so close by at the time, my Dad was able to hold her hand while they were working on her. Her heart just kept getting slower and slower ... and he just kept telling her how much he loved her and what a great life they had together.

At 1:31 AM she left us, quietly and peacefully ... with my father still holding her hand.

Dorothy and Irving Lesch would have been married for 54 years on April 11, 2007.

Here is the amazing part of this beautiful story ...

My father was released from the hospital later that morning. It was the ONLY time he has stayed overnight in a hospital since they were married. He is back home tonight.

My Mom was a very strong, fun loving, independent woman. She taught me so much. They both have.

I will miss you Mama ... I love you, and I thank you for giving me life and for nurturing me.

There is a one day Visitation/Memorial on Friday, February 2nd, at ...
Brust Funerral Home
135 S. Main St.
Lombard, Il 60148

If you would like to, Donations can be made in her name to:
Macular Degeneration Foundation Inc.
PO Box 531313
Henderson, NV. 89053

Times like these always make me appreciate all of you, my wonderful family and friends.

Blessings upon Blessings,
Christine Quinn


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