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Ashley Smith Praised as a Love-Based Leader

March 26, 2005
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(Chicago, Illinois) After sifting through the horrors of the recent Atlanta killings, one cannot help but be inspired by the amazing story of Ashley Smith. First, Brian Nichols overpowered and shot a female deputy. He murdered a judge, a court reporter, a male deputy, and a customs officer. Three trained and armed officials were unable to control Nichols. Incredibly, Ashley Smith was able to successfully influence him and thus save her own life because of one thing … her Love-Based leadership.

“Ashley Smith touched hearts of millions with her courage and compassion,” says author James Roswell Quinn. “She proved that people can accomplish miracles when they move from love instead of fear.”

Love-Based leadership is a term coined by James Roswell Quinn, public speaker and author of the compelling book, CONTROLLING OTHERS FOR LOVE AND PROFIT … “Controlling others is not the solution, it is the problem.” Quinn is uniquely qualified to explain why Ashley Smith was successful in reaching an “unreachable” person. He is the veteran of over 1,200 seminars and keynote addresses on Love-Based leadership … in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand. His concepts have helped tens of thousands of people deal with situations ranging from minor irritations to unimaginable tragedies.

How? Quinn shows you how to use Love-Based leadership to reach people who are frustrating, ignoring, overwhelming, or intimidating you. Love-Based leadership is basically leadership by self-control. Basically, whenever something is going wrong, first identify your automatic non-think Fear-Based reaction (Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Facade) and then do the opposite. It works every time.

“CONTROLLING OTHERS FOR LOVE AND PROFIT is an extraordinary manual for creating results by overcoming negative Fear-Based behaviors. The concepts and techniques are effective across cultural boundaries and personal backgrounds.”
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Author: James Roswell Quinn
ISBN: 0-9754417-0-1
Soft Cover: $19.95 US


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